Get All Your Packaging Questions Answered

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The Package Express (GPX) partnership offers you great prices on shipping across the United States and Canada. This latest entry in our FAQ’s in Detail series reviews general packaging requirements. Learn what types of packages are a perfect fit for and information on package size limitations in this post.

Do my items have to be in boxes?
Not always. GPX accepts certain items that are not boxed but are extremely durable. These items must be wrapped and padded to prevent damage to the item as well as to other items in the cargo bins. We strongly recommend that you contact Customer Service by emailing [email protected] to seek approval prior to placing an order for an unpackaged item. The accepting Greyhound representative is the final determiner of item acceptability in all situations regardless of any prior advice provided by

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What are your packaging requirements?
Shipments must be packed in containers made of durable material and with sufficient quality to withstand handling on buses. All packages containing FRAGILE or PERISHABLE articles must be marked in large letters, preferably with appropriate labels. See GPX Terms and Conditions for complete packaging requirements.

Should I leave my package open for inspection?
No, although GPX reserves the right to open and inspect shipments when deemed necessary, and to refuse those improperly or inadequately packaged, those damaged and those containing articles prohibited for shipment. See GPX Terms and Conditions for additional details. Tape will be made available to finish your packaging in the event of package inspection at drop off. – Still the Best Kept Secret in Shipping

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