Our Rates Speak for Themselves and The Numbers Don’t Lie

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Shipping multiple packages across the country can break your budget if you aren’t careful. Being a savvy individual, you tirelessly research shipping companies. Through blurry eyes you soon see that the numbers don’t lie. The Busfreighter.com advantage is the most economical way to ship multiple packages across the country.

Busfreighter.com and Greyhound Partner to Bring You Better Rates

Thanks to Busfreighter.com’s partnership with Greyhound Package Express (GPX), our shipments utilize available cargo space on buses bound for your destination. Your rate is substantially lower because we don’t have the operating cost of trucks and drivers the way the other companies do. We have a built-in distribution network that travels via bus to 3,800 destinations in the U.S. and Canada, 7 days a week/365 days a year.

From New York to Chicago – Busfreighter.com is Half the Price

Don’t take our word for it. Crunch the numbers! For example, you want to send five forty-pound boxes from your home in New York City to your child’s college dorm in Chicago, IL. You brace yourself for the jaw-dropping rate quotes. What you find is Busfreighter.com is almost $100 less than its closest competitor and nearly half what the top shipping giants want to charge. If you choose to pick the packages up at the terminal, you can save even more ($150.94 station-to-station). 

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Relocating Across Country? Get the Busfreighter.com Advantage

Comparing rates side by side shows Busfreighter.com saves money over the other parcel shipping companies. Need more proof? What if you need to relocate from Pittsburgh, PA to Seattle, WA and were looking to cut costs by shipping some or all your stuff? The numbers prove Busfreighter.com is the clear winner with our rate being a third the cost of the competition. Even with adding on the convenience of door-to-door service, our prices still come out on top. ($452.80 door-to-door).

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In-State Shipments Mean Big Savings for Small Businesses

Shipping from city to city within the same state? If Greyhound goes there, we deliver there. That is the reason small businesses save big with Busfreighter.com. When an auto parts dealer in Sacramento, CA ships five forty-pound boxes to Los Angeles, CA, Busfreighter.com saves them $80 on just one delivery. Making frequent multi-package shipments every week earns businesses additional discounts. Busfreighter.com agents can help your company design a shipment routine that works for your business.

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The Busfreighter.com Advantage

Seeing the Busfreighter.com rate difference in black and white should convince you of the savings you are missing. Shipping bulk freight via Greyhound is the most economical way to send packages across the state or across the country. Experience the Busfreighter.com advantage for yourself. Our friendly staff can answer all your questions. Email our customer service agents ([email protected]) or call 1-214-227-9792 and start saving with Busfreighter.com today.