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Where are the drop-off and pick-up locations for

That’s easy, at your local Greyhound bus terminals. To find a bus terminal near you, visit the terminal locator page on and enter your zip code. Since is the only authorized reseller for Greyhound Package Express (GPX), it means you can drop off or pick up your packages at the 3,800 destinations Greyhound travels.’s online booking system will give you detailed information about your shipment. Just fill our Instant Quote & Ordering form with your information (number of packages, their dimensions, weight and destination) and receive an instant quote. When placing an order, you see the service choices offered for your destination. Door-to-door pick-up and delivery options are only available within a 25-mile radius of bus terminals with courier services. GPX currently provides residential pick-up and delivery in most major and mid-size locations. If you have questions, live chat with one of our helpful support staff and let them assist with your order. Delivers Big Savings With GPX and GPX share the workload as well as the same counter space at the bus terminals. We take advantage of the unused cargo space on Greyhound’s fleet of intercity buses, the largest service across the U.S. handles delivery of bulk shipments of five or more packages. We accept boxes weighing up to 100-lbs, with maximum dimensions of 29-inches by 47-inches by 82-inches. You will find, the more you ship with, the more you save.

In most major metropolitan locations, and GPX customers use a separate counter from those who use the Greyhound bus ticket windows. Even though many Greyhound terminals offer service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, it’s a good idea to check the hours of operation for your preferred terminal. Some bus stations have limited hours of operation. If your closest bus terminal is without a stand-alone shipping counter, proceed to the will call section of the ticket area to speak with a Greyhound representative. We recommend you plan to drop off or pick up your shipments during the business hours of 7:00 am -7:00 pm Monday-Friday, or when staff familiar with shipping protocols are working.

Additional Drop-off Locations Available in Some Cities has Convenience Drop-off Locations (CDLs) near some major cities. These locations are separate from the intercity Greyhound bus network. We only accept shipments 9:00 am – 5:00 pm Monday-Friday and are not open for holiday drop-offs. CDLs receive and hold packages for a Greyhound courier pick-up and transfer to a central terminal. Even though we will take shipments at the CDLs, boxes are weighed, measured and processed at the bus terminal. GPX determines the acceptability of each shipment. If you have questions regarding your parcels’ suitability, please email us at [email protected].

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The more you ship, the more you save! Together, and GPX have nearly 30 years combined experience facilitating package shipments via a nationwide bus network. Our service is a great way to ship multiple boxes across the country while keeping within your budget. Whether you are relocating to a new city or shipping purchases to Etsy or Ebay customers, is an economical way to send packages long distance. Visit, fill the Instant Quote & Ordering form, buy moving supplies direct from the factory and save.