Busfreighter Service Alerts Inform You of Any Potential Delays

The United States is the fourth largest country by area in the world. That means all kinds of weather can affect Busfreighter.com shipments, from sea to shining sea.

Busfreighter.com and Greyhound Package Express (GPX) work together to provide reliable, low-cost shipping services across the country. With a fleet of over 1,100 buses, GPX is on the road across the country 24/7. This means the buses, passengers and cargo are sometimes traveling in less than ideal weather conditions.

Greyhound does everything it can to make sure buses stay on schedule. Sometimes, though, Mother Nature and state police will throw up (literal) road blocks, causing delays or even cancellations of routes.

Any time weather delays are impacting Busfreighter.com shipments, we will post a service alert link at the top right of our homepage. GPX also posts service alerts on its homepage. These link lead to information about impacted areas, estimated delay times, temporarily cancelled routes and more. This updated information will also let you know if pick-up and delivery in a given area is affected. Occasionally, bad storms can cause stations to close to keep employees and travelers safe.

If you already have a shipment out and need to locate where it is, use our Package Tracker page to keep tabs on its location. Here’s a how-to page. You can also contact GPX customer service at 1-866-SHIPGPX.

How to Lessen the Impact of Weather Delays on Shipments

There are ways you can mitigate the potential impact on your shipments brought about by weather.

MOVING - If you are shipping your home items to another state or across the country, check the weather forecast for your likely route. If a big storm is expected, anticipate a delay and act accordingly - get your shipment out a day or two earlier. Keep the stuff you need with you (we’ve discussed this before), so you aren’t without essential items.

Finally, if you are shipping a lot of your stuff and following behind in your own car, realize that the weather buses will be traveling through may be the same weather you need to deal with on the road. Plan ahead, leave early and get there safely.

SELLING - Etsy, eBay and Amazon sellers can all get dinged on their seller ratings if they do not communicate shipping delays clearly with shoppers. While you cannot control the weather, you can manage the expectations of your customers by checking on potential shipping delays in advance and letting them know ahead of time that expected delivery times are subject to change based on GPX delivery ability. Your customers will appreciate the heads-up more than they will mind any inconvenience brought on.

BONUS TIP - Regardless of the weather, make sure your packages are bundled up nice and cozy. Use plenty of packing peanuts, shipping tape and labels. Clearly labeled containers are especially important when expected bad weather -or an unexpected natural event - could lead to re-routing or off-loading and re-loading onto a new bus. Don’t miss the bus with a bad label!

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