4 Packing Tips to Ensure Safe & Successful Delivery

“Contents may have shifted during shipping.” You see this warning on a box of cereal. It’s not something you want happening to the stuff in packages that you’re shipping.

Shipping means entrusting your packages to a shipping and delivery service while moving them from Point A to Point B. That means they are loaded and unloaded at least once, more often multiple times, along with any other packages making the same trip. Packing your boxes securely, with protection in mind, gives them the best chance to make the trip unscathed.

Choose the Right Box

It starts with choosing the right box. Ideally you have a box that offers just enough room for your items and protective materials all around them. While a box doesn’t have to be new to be adequate for your needs, it needs to be free of defects and retain its shape. Go to a national chain store and you’ll find boxes for sale in a variety of sizes. You can also buy boxes and shipping supply direct from the factory through Busfreighter.com (and save a little cash!). Vendors also offer specialty boxes for merchandise like glasses, dishes and electronics, or special wardrobe boxes for hanging clothes. These boxes typically offer extra protection for the stuff inside and are worth the extra cost.

Packing Right is Packing Tight

Just like an artist who has a quality canvas in front of them before beginning to paint, the right box is a start for would-be expert packers. Up next is packing well. Make sure you’ve got it packed right, which means you have it packed tight - avoiding the settling of contents while shipping.

A sturdy box offers scant protection if it’s too empty or too full. Surround your items, even the stout stuff, with plenty of packing peanuts, crumpled newspapers, bubble wrap or disposable air bags. If your shipment is on the fragile side, consider using towels or a blanket to provide extra secure packaging. Remember to have just as much packing protection under your item as you do on and around it. If a boxed item is flopping around inside when you pick it up, it is not packed tight enough. If the box won’t close without superhuman effort on your part, it is packed too tight.

Use Good Packing Tape

Once your box is packed, it’s time to seal it with plenty of the right kind of tape. Avoid masking tape (not reliable enough) or regular Scotch tape (come on, now). Get packing tape, preferably two inches wide. Use more tape than seems necessary; in addition to making sure your boxes stay sealed, good tape can provide an additional measure of protection. If you have any concerns about your box, add a layer of shipping wrap to your box before taping up. Don’t worry about ease of opening when the box is received; using box cutters, scissors or something similar will be used, anyway.

Label, Label, Label

Lastly, don’t do a great job with the box and then not label it right. Print out multiple copies of your mailing label and tape them securely to your box. If you are shipping multiple packages to the same location (for example, due to a move), use a color coordinated labeling system to denote which boxes belong together or should end up in the same room. 

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