Conventional Means of Shipping are Better for Certain Packages

Shipping with is a great way to send boxes and irregularly shaped packages across the country. Since we utilize the unused cargo space on Greyhound buses, we can offer substantially discounted rates to our customers. As much as we want everyone to benefit from great savings by using, some items are not suitable to ship by bus.

Buses and Breakables

Fragile pieces are … fragile. Fine china, crystal or artwork are a few of the items requiring extra protection that and Greyhound cannot guarantee. Suitcases, boxes and many other things filling the cargo hold can potentially shift during transit. While we are up-front about the risks of shipping boxes marked fragile, we can accept them if you are aware there is no insurance coverage. Greyhound Package Express (GPX) offers only declared-value on items. You are asked to list this total on the order form and base it on the present-day cost of the pieces shipped.

Fragile Items - Don’t Spare the Bubble Wrap or Padding

If you do decide to ship breakable items, take additional steps to pack them securely. Use a sturdy box with an ample amount of packing tape, cover each piece inside with plenty of bubble wrap and place foam peanuts around the contents to prevent them from moving around. Have you ever thought of using a plastic cooler to pack breakables? These containers are virtually crush-proof! You can find other great packing tips in our blog, Shipping Cross Country? – Ensure That Your Packages Make It There in Good Condition.

Use a Shipper that Insures Electronics

Busses have one cargo space underneath for all the luggage, boxes and other items that are shipping. As the bus travels its route, shifting in the hold can occur. Since electronics are easily damaged in transport, does not ship TVs, computers or other appliances. GPX does not offer insurance for items like these.

Will This Fit Under a Bus?

Can you envision fitting a king-sized mattress under a Greyhound bus? Many hopeful shippers have tried, but the laws of physics win out. We utilize the available space on buses after the passengers’ luggage has been loaded. There is no separate space for our packages. The size limitation for anything shipping with is 29-inches by 47 inches by 82-inches. The total weight allowance is 100 lbs. These restrictions apply to boxes, crates and irregularly shaped items.

Maximizing Cargo Space Means No Special Handling cannot guarantee special handling for packages. One of the ways we keep our costs low is by using Greyhound’s baggage handlers to load our parcels. Because they are busy making sure passengers and luggage get on the right bus, they do not have time to look for individual shipping instructions. Everything is loaded to maximize the space available. It means boxes may not always get stacked in the direction you request. – Passing the Savings on to You wants to provide the best service possible for all your shipments. Being honest about the things that might not work is good business. Not all packages are suitable to travel by bus. Turn to to ship multiple boxes and irregularly shaped items long distance. Your parcels ride safely on Greyhound buses along with the passengers. We offer substantially discounted prices. The more you ship the more you save! We accept boxes with a maximum size of 29”x47”x82” and weighing up to 100 lbs. Consider the advantage and discover a better way to send your packages across the country. Visit, fill in the Instant Quote & Ordering form, get your quote and order.